Electric Moon


Some time in 2011, I found a torrent on The Pirate Bay for an album called “Lunatics” by a German “alternative rock” band called Electric Moon, I didn’t look them up and downloaded the whole thing, seeded, and mostly forgot about it until a few days ago, when I decided I would see if I could find other torrents, and I did: for “Inferno” and “The Doomsday Machine”.

I listened more closely to Lunatics and was pleasantly surprised to hear it had been miscategorised on the Bay: it wasn’t only alt’ rock, it was also psychedelic, with effects reminiscent of the 1960s and an album cover on lysergic acid. I don’t know if the ¼ of an hour long tracks are there to justify the “alternative” tag, but to me they neither add or substract anything.

I also listened to Inferno and The Doomsday Machine, both are good, and Inferno is the perfect music for Project M visualisations and other trippy animations.

The band’s line-up is rather usual: a guitar (and lots of effects) played by Sula Bassana, a bass guitar (with about as much effects) played by Komet Lulu, and drums played by Marcus, with the occasional female vocalist (only on The Doomsday Machine, from what I’ve heard).

What really surprised me was that there are less than 2000 listeners on last.fm. I don’t know many alternative rock bands, and the only psychedelic “experience” I’ve ever actively “participated” in is the Jimi Hendrix Experience, but to me, the genre was less obscure than that. Perhaps the decline in popularity of LSD is to blame?

Magnet URIs:

Their official website is simply called Electric Moon and the content’s in English.