Enabling Free Mobile to detect LTE capability on the Jiayu S3S


Free Mobile sets a 3 GB usage limit for people who have a phone that doesn’t support their LTE frequencies, or when it thinks it doesn’t, because it’s the manufacturer that creates a database and Jiayu isn’t among the serious ones. My phone had that problem and customer support doesn’t really care. I had to check my IMEI on a specialised website. It’s illegal to change it but it’s the only solution found so far if the original IMEI returns the wrong frequencies.

To change the IMEI (and do so at your own risk):

Now login on mobile.free.fr to see if the data cap increased (20 GB on 3G networks, 50 GB on 4G networks) after you’ve connected to a LTE antenna again. If not, please send me an email because it’s the only solution I’ve found so far and it’s supposed to work.